Convincing your team to use Sequences?


Hello you wonderful HubSpot Community! 


TL;DR: How do you convince your team to use Sequences? 


I am the Sales Pro guru and email content specialist at my organization, responsible for training 36 Sales Pro users. We have many users who like specific functionality of the Sales Pro license - mainly meetings and the real-time open view. 


However, many of them either fail to see the benefits of Sequences or are fatigued by all of our various other systems/processes. I have scheduled time with each of them, hold weekly HubSpot office hours and make it clear that I'm available whenever to help. 


We are at about 20% (infrequent) utilization of Sequences. How can I make it easier for my team to learn and adopt Sequences? What has worked for you? 


Thank you! 

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Hi @Margstar 


Sequences only work when templated, automated, lightly personalised communication is acceptable. The key, I've found, is to identify these times and create sequences specifically for them. 


I often tell clients that a good application of sequences is when a contact has gone quiet - since if they were replying to your emails, you wouldn't use automated replies, you would probably hand craft every message (maybe using a template as a base and snippets for repeated info). I don't belive you can force sequences in where they don't naturally fit. 


I also think it is important to document and visualise sequence so sales people can understand what they are intended to do.


There are also certain types of enquiry where a fixed response is appropriate, but I'm not sure if these should be the responsibility of the typical sales pro user. 


I'm interested to hear what you make of these suggestions and what else you have discovered. 


Hope this helps.

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I've worked with dozens of sales teams who've invested in Sales Pro, but aren't using (what I believe) is one of the most useful tools in HubSpot.


One of the effective ways to get them to use sequences is to:


a) make sure they have their email extension for Gmail or Outlook and then

b) identify a place in the sales process where prospects typically ghost.


For example, a common ghosting occurrance is the follow-up after the first call, prospects just don't re-engage.


At this point, we'd create just ONE sequence for all reps to use that's as simple as:

  • Email 1= "Thanks for the call today! Glad we talked about XYZ..."
  • Delay 2 days
  • Email 2= "Hey, did you still have questions about XYZ? Haven't heard from you yet, but would love to see where your team stands."
  • Delay 2 days
  • Email 3= "One last check-in"

And then encourate your teammates to only use that one. We've found a lot of quick success in a sequence that looks like this, and it's an easy way for reps to immediately find value in the tool


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What a great question. I would love to see what others suggest. I have previously tried finding an internal champion who is willing to invest some time in trying and using the tool and then allowing them to advocate for th euse of the tool. Thay way they start convincing others in the sales team by showing results. Other options would be to investigate a pain point, as mentioned in the other comments here, find a point where the sales team typically gets frustrated or where they have to follow up and then offer a sequence to assist. The other suggestion would also be to try a fun incentive to trial the tool. Using an incentive will allow users to TRY IT and once they have tried the sequence tool they may actually find benefit in using it and naturally adopt the tool.
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