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Conversion process for existing contact submiting a new hubspot form

We use Salesforce & hubspot by-directional sync. We have multiple Hubspot landing pages and web forms we use to capture leads. 

When a new person fills in the form, a new lead is created in Salesforce which works great but when an existing contact from Salesforce fills in the form a new lead is not create in hubspot (I understand why it would not create a new lead) but we are facing issue where we are missing out on these leads. Would like to know if there are any use cases to

1) Identify & notifiy sales users of these form submissions
2) If there is a conversion process that could be carried out in Salesforce by the Sales team becasue the hubspot lifecycle stage does not go back to Lead. 

PS our Sales team use salesforce and marketing use both Hubspot and Salesforce. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Conversion process for existing contact submiting a new hubspot form

@KYesweker Good question!


@TomM2 and @jolle both ask great questions and offer helpful recommendations – I recommend checking those out!


The main thing I wanted to share from my own experience is on the notification part. I've worked with clients in a similar situation where we wanted to be sure the sales team was getting notified of relevant form submissions so they wouldn't fall through the cracks. I recorded a short video walking through how I've accomplished this with workflows - view here.


I mentioned in the video adding in a link to the notification to view in SF. Directions on that are here.


I hope this helps!

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Conversion process for existing contact submiting a new hubspot form

Hey @KYesweker are you using HubSpot forms or an external form (such as pardot/salesforce)? HubSpot forms automatically create HubSpot contacts, and if these are syncing to SF they would need a contact in HubSpot anyway so I'm assuming you're using another form builder.
1) For notifications your form system should have notifications but you can set up a workflow to do this in HubSpot when you create a contact.
2) Could you provide a bit more context into this? Are contacts being set as leads in HubSpot? This is controlled by your Salesforce integrator settings.

Have you verified your contact creation and lifecycle stage settings from within the HubSpot salesforce connector? These rules are all set up in there.

Tom Mahon
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Conversion process for existing contact submiting a new hubspot form

Hey @KYesweker, thanks for reaching out!


Who reviews form submissions when they come through? Are they going right to the sales team, or is there a manual review process before they're handed to sales? And are you referring to contact/demo forms that would typically be routed to the sales team or other types of form submissions?


Either way, definitely look into the task and activity syncing through the HubSpot-Salesforce integration. Check out this HubSpot Knowledge Base article for the full details. If you're not already, you should be able to sync form submissions and send notifications/tasks in Salesforce to the respective owner when new form submissions come through. You may also be able to set up some automation in Salesforce that is triggered by these form submissions to carry out the internal updates and notifications you need.


I also have some workaround thoughts on automating this that will depend on your current setup and process (the native functionality from HubSpot above will likely work the best though). If you have lead contacts in Salesforce that are reconverting, they should be syncing with your HubSpot account and be included in your inclusion sync list. That should help keep the leads up-to-date in terms of status, ownership, and other properties you're syncing with Salesforce.


I would then create a workflow for each applicable form that sends a custom internal notification to the respective sales rep email (contact owner) if they submit a form and already have an owner in Salesforce/have a known value for a property that would be set only in Salesforce. So your workflow would be:

  • Has submitted [form] and [Salesforce property] is known
  • Send internal notification email to [contact owner]

Hope this helps!!


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