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Hi. We are running a saas business and trying to set up the offer - invoice process as effectively as possible, being Hubspot Enterprise users. Our current thinking is:

a. Create qoutes in Hubspot

b. Send contract via contract management tool (currently using Contract Book but does not seem to be optimal)

c. Track customer and contract status via Hubspot

d. Have detailed overview of contracts and related financials via Zuora

e. Send invoices via Zuora

f. Automate re-subscription notices from Zuora to Hubspot, and automatically have new resubscription deals being entered a renewal pipeline in Hubspot


Any experiences on effective tools (including potentially those suggested above) and other tips would be much appreciated? Kind regards

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HubSpot has a beautiful digital signature integration with HelloSign that will easily handle all contract digital signature needs using easy to setup templates in HelloSign. Easy to auto-trigger contract signature requests based on HubSpot Deal stages using data from HubSpot contact properties.

Hope that helps.



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