Contact List Distribution/Automation


If I have a list of 880 contacts and I need to call or establish communication with 40 contacts per business day throughout the course of a month. What is the best and most efficient HubSpot tool I can use to take that list of 880 contacts and populate each day of said month with 40 contacts to call or establish communication with? Then if for some reason I can't get through all 40 contacts on a given day how do I set HubSpot to migrate the remaining contacts to the following day's call/communicate list?


Please keep in mind I'm familliar with how to set up Tasks and Queues.  I've tried doing it through utilizing the task/queue creation tool, but its inefficient. Is the workflow tool a viable option to achieve the results I'm looking for, or is there another approach I'm not seeing?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Jay_Kirkland there is not out-of-the box tool that currently organises your task queues in this way. Currently contacts need to be organised on an individual basis.


If you have access to an engineering team, this might be something you can develop. You can find out more and access our developer community here.


Out of interest, and so that others on the Community can assist / I can pass on feedback to our Product teams, could you share some details on how you'd like these contact groups segmented and prioritised. Is there a specific criteria you/your teams use to prioritise leads?