Collecting user input locally from bot


I am running a hubspot bot on my website. The information i am collecting from bot is directly going to hubspot server. Is there any way so that i can get the information on my end and then this information is published on hubspot servers after permisisons. ???


I just want to collect the info of my client on my end rather than pulsihing all info on hubspot side !!!


Give me solution for that.

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Hey @GurpiyarSingh 


What you're currently asking for I don't think is possible.  Just to confirm:


  1. You want to use HubSpot to collect information via a bot
  2. You want to hide that information from Hubspot
  3. You want to redirect the chat logs from the bot to your own internal server, then give permission to publish to HubSpot?


If what I've described is accurate, I don't see this as a possibility in HubSpot.  Your best bet is to use another bot/chat platform that you install on your own server, and then later send that information to HubSpot.

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