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We are looking at having a chat bot that will be able to automatically send requested information on products etc. to customers. Right now a huge amount of time is spent sending out info and documents, but only a small % of people ever respond again. Is there some way to automate sending out files and emails?

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Hello @Floataway 

Yes it is possible to setup a smart chatbot like as you want. Can you please tell us some more information on how you want to iniate the chat and then how the customers will proceed to the flow.

We would be happy to help you in this setup.


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Thanks for the reply! Sorry for the delay in responding.

It would be initated when the potential client wants to reach out to us - on a contact us page or as a popup on the bottom of the screen. They would still have the option to actually reach out to us, of course.

There are a couple ideas we have on the specifics, it depends on what is actually feasible. 

One option would be if a customer could request product information, specs, company info etc, that it would be possible to generate an email with the requested files sent to them. 

Alternatively, a chatbot that would encourage people to look for their answers on our website, in the knowledge base or FAQ's before they send us emails.

Separate from this, if we get someone signing up with their email - for a newsletter for example -  are we able to automatically generate a number of emails that would be sent out over a period of time?

Thanks again!


HI, I'm in the same boat. did you find a way to do this? thanks


Hi, I actually did, but not through Hubspot as the subscription level required was unfortunately higher than we could do.

I did it with a automation campaign from Mailchimp combined with the contact us page through the website. It's worked pretty well for us!