Can't suspend or remove user access


Incredibly youcan't disable or suspend access for leavers or temporary team members.

You can't change password without access to their email account.

You can disable allpermissions but they still have access to all of their content.

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Community Manager

Hi @raylawrence,


You are correct that you can't suspend users; they must be deleted in order to remove all permissions and access to their portal. 


For specifics on how to reassign leads before deleting the user I wanted to share this thread with you:


If you would like to see different user permissions and the ability to suspend users implemented in the future, I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum. Be sure to include as many details, use cases, and examples as you can to increase the likelihood of other users voting for this idea. 


Thank you,


This is MASSIVELY inconvenient / boarderline idiotic. 


If we have an issue with an agent / staff member and need to remove access immediately we need to delete their account?