Can I trigger enrollment on a field change?


Hi friends,


I would like to enroll customers in a workflow when they change their preferred email.  Is there a way to do that by using a 'Contact Properties' Trigger?  Or am I going to have to do something else creative?  



P.S. I'm new to Hubspot.   My main experience is with Salesforce rather than marketing.  😀

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Hi @IBrockschmidt,


If you want to enroll a contact into a workflow when a property changes, you would simply set the enrollment trigger to "is known":




It sound like you'd want contact to be enrolled whenever that happens. If that's the case, you'd also enable re-enrollment as shown in my screenshot.


Something to keep in mind: The email address will only change in the same contact record under certain circumstances:


A website visitor must have accepted the cookies and filled out a form before. The website form must also have the setting "Always create contact for new email address" disabled.


An email address on a contact record is changed manually by an internal user.


An import updates the email address of the contact based on the contact ID.


Under any other circumstance, HubSpot would simply create a new contact record since it can't recognize the website visitor and match it with the contact record.


Hope this helps!

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Thank you Karsten!  This is excellent! I appreciate your thorough answer.  My use case has to do with Contacts that have already have a secondary email addresses declared in Hubspot. I suspect I don't have the full understanding yet (I appreciate you helping me out! 😊


If the contact uses a Secondary Email address in the field of a form my understanding is that :


If the contact has cookies the Secondary Email address that is filled out in the form will become the Primary Email address.  I believe this will happen regardless if Hubspot already knows of the Secondary Email address or not.


But if the contact does NOT have any cookies what will happen?


  1. Will Hubspot be able to find the correct contact based on the declared Secondary Email address? Then log the activity and will then make that Secondary Email address the Primary? OR

  2. Will Hubspot try and make a NEW contact and then....
    1.   Fail because another contact has that Secondary Email address declared?  Does the activity get lost?  OR
    2.   Create another contact with that Secondary Email address as primary that we then have to de-dup by hand?
    3.  Or something else that hasn't occured to me yet? 😉

Thank you!


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Hi @IBrockschmidt ,

When you say preferred email, do you mean our default email property? 


If yes, then we could trigger a workflow using this- the only tricky part would be ensuring that only contacts who change their email address are enrolled as if we set it to just "email is known", it will enroll contacts whenever an update to is made- i.e. when new contacts are created.

Hope this helps!

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