Calculating Marketing Contacts – unique email recipients in a month (with guide video)

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Marketing Contacts is a new way to control your HubSpot CRM. 


However, to work out if this would be a good fit for you, you need to know how many marketing contact spaces you would need each month. 


Here is a short video walking you through how to calculate the number of unique contacts that you sent a marketing email to last month. 


NB: This video does not cover calculating unique contacts in Ads Audiences.


***Please UPVOTE if you found this useful*** 😀 👍



***Please UPVOTE if you found this useful*** 😀 👍


Here is the way to structure your filters on your list: 

Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 11.02.02.png


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Thank you for sharing this @fiachra_duffy


Hey @Mike_Eastwood @Josh @danielruby @Dan1 @Bryantworks @mike-ward @MAC-MCB @rikkilear @StefaniUAT @AM8 @craiggrella  I wanted to bring to your attention this cool tip!  


Happy Friday!


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Nice one, very straight forward. Will share 👍


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