CTA buttons are not connecting


Hello, we have several CTA buttons linked to HubSpot landing pages that have been working up until today.  I tried to re-embed them and they still are not connecting.  


When I test the CTA within Hubspot it seemed to work fine but when it is embedded the link doesn't work.  Can you help?

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Hi @bkveen 


Can you please describe the issue with more detail?


- are the CTAs showing on you pages?

- if they are showing can you click the CTA?

- if they show, and you can click the CTA, what happens(if anything)?


Are you using the CTAs in a HubSpot website? WordPress? Something else?


What version of HubSpot are you using?


Is it appropriate to share a link to any of the pages that are misbehaving?


You're welcome to send me a direct message if you'd prefer not to publish your links.





p.s. we're a HubSpot Agency Partner - not HubSpot Employees