Budget per customer and fiscal year


Up to now, we have listed the customers in an Excel spreadsheet and stored the budget (sales) that we want to achieve with the customer in the fiscal year. We then broke down the sales to be achieved into further areas / product groups, but this is not necessary.

Now we have HubSpot in use and I am looking for a way to store the target revenue per year on the "company". I have thought about doing this with a custom property. Does anyone have a better idea on how I could implement this requirement so that we can quickly display the following data via a report:
Budgeted Revenue 2022: (simple input field).
Achieved revenue 2022: (All invoices of the customer, deposited on the respective deals).

We pull the invoices into HubSpot via Accounting API. But where and how should I store the budget? Custom property?

Many thanks for your exciting inputs.

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Hello @ToniCH


My recommendation is to store that budget as a custom property if it is truly a simple input field.


What hubs are you using and at what subscription levels?  For your achieved revenue you could use calculated fields to add up all synced (from your accounting API) deals/products/line items related to one compamy and then report on it.  


Did you have a concern with making your budgeted revenue a custom property or did you foresee a potential limit that would make this a less than optimal option?