Best ways to map customer journey

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Hi there,


I'm not sure if this is the best place to publish this question but here we go.


We need to map the customer journey of our customers, we are a consultancy and we have many touchpoints along the funnel, at this point we don't know which pieces of content are helping our leads to become customers. We have just some indicators. 


What's the best way to map the customer journey or the best practices? Do you know any tool we can use to make it?


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Hi @Angelamr ,


I don't know if you already know about it, but the HubSpot have free courses of Inbound, that explain more about customers journey and how map then. HubSpot Academy courses are very worthwhile:


I hope my answer didn't sound harsh, I just wanted to share a good source of content on the subject, if I hadn't already.


Still on your question, if you use HubSpot, it is possible to know which blog posts most influence the customer for the conversion, or the conversion rate of each action of a campaign for example, comparing and knowing where it converts better or worse (emails, organic, ads, social and others).


If you use Workflows, you can see which workflow emails have low performance and improve them individually to improve the flow.


If you need to, send more specifically of your case what you need to know, and I will try to guide you better than I know what to do.


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You can use Hubspot to look at conversion rates IF you are using their publishing tool. If not, your best bet is Google Analytics with custom conversion events (e.g., making a purchase or filling out a form). We also use Mixpanel to track events. You'd then sort/filter by conversion rate.