Best way to alert sales when contacts interact with high value content

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Hi! Our business has a long sales cycle, so our reps will add contacts that don't close for months or even years. Marketing helps maintain the relationship during that time, but it's extremely valuable for sales to know when the contacts are "heating up" so they can follow up personally. In other words, we want Hubspot to tell the Contact Owner when the Contact views pages on our site that we believe indicate an increased likelihood to transact. 


I've set up a few workflows just for a sample set of Contacts that I own, but the issue is, sometimes marketing works too well! The contact is heavily engaged, checking out dozens of pages...and I get an email each time! Yikes. 


Is there a way to check the last time an internal email was sent, and then only send another if one hasn't been sent in, say, the last hour?


(We do have lead scoring set up, and Contact Owners will for sure get an alert when the lead score reaches a certain level. However, showing sales exactly how and when marketing is working for them is very beneficial for us as an organization, so I want to give them a little more regular feedback). 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @mike_mcelroy


There is no way that I know of to throttle internal email sends without changing the conditions that trigger them. 


If your sales team are getting too many emails about engaged leads, it sounds like the definition of a notable event (one that triggers a notification) could be tightened up. 


Sales reps can still see every interaction, inbetween the ones they are notfied of, in the contact timeline, so they wont be missing any information. 


Hope this helps.

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