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Best practices to tag contacts as non-marketing

Hi folks, 

I wanted to start a thread to gather some insights on the criteria you use to tag contacts as non-marketing in your CRM. 

This is a question I am constantly asked and here are some of the recommendations I usualy give:


Think of a strategy and cadence to constantly review contacts and tag as non-marketing the ones you won't be engaging with ads or marketing emails.
This can be a manual or automated review.
Here is some criteria to consider:
- Contacts that have unsubscribed
- Hard bounces
- Low engagement or no engagement in the past X months
- Stakeholders/employees/partners stored in your database
It's important to define what engagement means for your company too. Here are some common indicators:
- Open/clicks/replies on marketing emails (Be mindful of the IOS update for open rates!)
- Page views 
- Sales activities (emails/calls/meetings)
- Ads interactions 
- Form submissions 
- Events attendance

How to change their Marketing Contact Status?
You can filter those and simply change their marketing contact status to 'non-marketing' in bulk or through a workflow. They will become non-marketing in the next update date (beginning of the following month or renewal date, whichever is closer).

You also have a property called 'marketing contact until next update'. These are contacts that are tagged as marketing but are set to become non-marketing in the next update.
I'd love to hear from other if this is how you manage your Marketing Contacts in HubSpot or what other criteria you use to define non-marketing individuals.
Thanks 🙂
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Best practices to tag contacts as non-marketing

I just logged in to ask nearly this exact question.


We want to import a group of B2B contacts (i.e. OEM partners) that are to be assigned to one account manager and are NOT to be added to any of our other lists associated with end user marketing.  I'd like to avoid having to adjust them each manually and individually on a contact-by-contact basis after import to remove them from the marketing 'newsletter' list that everything is added to.  Is there an easy way to do that at the time of import?


Thanks in advance!

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Best practices to tag contacts as non-marketing

Yes, @robertkreisler Check this article here.

You should be able to determine the marketing contact status for new contacts at the time of the import. 🙂

Guide | Elite Partner
Guide | Elite Partner

Best practices to tag contacts as non-marketing

I like the above suggestions.

I would add that i think tagging career seekers as non-marketing automatically could help (unless you market to them while they are actively in the recruitment process) but consider removing them later.


In terms of when to change contacts from marketing to non-marketing, in a business that sells to repeat customers, look at the buying cycle and deactivate customers post-purchase and reactivate them when they are close to that window where they would buy again. That way you are using your customer database effectively and not wasting marketing contacts on people who are inactive.

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Best practices to tag contacts as non-marketing

Thank you for sharing @JenBerenguer!


Hi @karstenkoehler@NicoleSengers@Jonno_Price@AprilDawn, I wanted to get your thoughts on tagging CRM contacts as non-marketing. Are there any other criteria you'd consider aside from the ones that @JenBerenguer mentioned? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team   

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