Best practices on lead scoring on any email open or click

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We would like to score anyone who opens/ clicks our marketing email communications. Currently we are scoring based on list membership and manually adding a "opened a specific marketing email" filter to the list. The issue is that we need to update the list every single time we create an email. Is there a way to set up scoring where a contact gets a score everytime they open *any* HubSpot email?


I'd also appreciate best practices for setting up scoring in general (less the actual values or what to score and more the scoring architecture). I come from a Marketo background and I'm having trouble setting up scoring in an organied and efficient way in HubSpot.



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Scoring for Hubspot is done with the Scoring property(s) you have in your account. On your scoring property, you can have negative and positive attributes where you can look at opening/clicking emails, submitting forms, etc., etc.  I wouldn't recommend looking at just email clicks/opens alone though because the action only tells half of the story.  Recency of an action is just as important as knowing what that action was. For instnace, would you find a lead that opened/clicked an email within the last 2 weeks is more important that a contact whose last open/click was over 1 year ago?


As far as best practices goes, it really depends on your business and account level within Hubspot. For instance, in the higher tier plans you are able to have many scoring properties running and in the current instance I primarily work in, I have 2 scoring models running cohesively to generate a single score to share with our sales team.  This is a complex best practice that I would recommend running because it allows scoring to be multi-dimensional.


Regardless of what version you have or what you decide to build, I would always recommend scoring with frequency & recency on action-based properties, and then identify points that make it easier for sales to know who they are talking with. The goal of lead scoring is NOT to get contacts to score out. The goal of lead scoring is to get the right contacts to score out so that they can be identified from the pack.