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Behind the Scenes: A Marketing, Sales and CX Pulse Check

[Free Report] Behind the Scenes:

 A Marketing, Sales and CX Pulse Check 


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Marketing, sales and customer service managers have been at the front line of remarkable change over the past few years.


We surveyed 900 UK managers to get a pulse check on their sentiments and pain points. In this report, we delve into core topics such as AI, hybrid working, team alignment, the role of the customer and more. Offering a rare glimpse into these key departments as well as practical advice from business leaders, this report will empower you to optimise operations and achieve exceptional results. Join us in revolutionising frontline performance. Get a free copy of our Behind The Scenes report and help transform your business today.


💡 This report includes:
  • Common trends across marketing, sales and customer service managers
  • The influence and potential of AI in these roles
  • Job satisfaction rates
  • Connection to the business
  • Budgets
  • Flexible working 
  • And more!
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Behind the Scenes: A Marketing, Sales and CX Pulse Check

Hi @kateflynn,

Thanks for sharing this interesting report 🙂

Have a great day!

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