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B2B Nurture - Relevant Content based on Behaviors

Hi there,


There are so many articles out there and have personally experienced it myself where you can serve people relevant email content based on what they are interested in after downloading content from your site or viewing certain pages.


What are the best practices on triggers and goals on building something like this in hubspot?

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B2B Nurture - Relevant Content based on Behaviors

Hi @MJohnson2020 


You'll probably find this article from HubSpot interesting: How HubSpot's Marketing Team Does Lead Nurturing 


Bascially, they've settled on doing nurturing three ways:


  • Post-first-conversion nuturing - nurturing new leads based on topic of interest or using the 'choose your own adventure' approach to see if there is an opportuntiy to generate a quick MQL
  • MOFU nurturing - nurturing based on key pages views or events. The classic example is 'viewed pricing'
  • Campaign nurturing - nurturing promoting and following specific events/campaigns targeted at relevant segments of leads


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies