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Hi, everyone.


We are a B2B marketplace platform connecting businesses that generate waste and by-products in their production processes with business that use these materials as feedstock to manufacture new products and recycled materials. Circular economy made easy via the webz, awesome.


We use Hubspot CRM to track and manage the acquisition of new users AND the selling of materials  between the users inside the platform. And we do a lot of outbound and cold e-mailing. So basically, we have the following stages on our pipeline: Cold mail sent; Qualification (fit with our business model); Registered User; Wanted or Offered Materials Posted; Buyer/Seller found; Material Sold (won).


So, what would be really great for us: that a given deal could have more than one associated contact/company and more than one associated sales rep. It often happens that a rep is responsible for the buyer and another rep is responsible for the seller company.


I know it is, currently, not possible to do such thing. Does anyone here happens to be in a similar business/situation. Do you guys know of any workarounds or process that would make my life easier?


Thank you so much, you are the best.

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Hi @lucasfmsarmento,


I want to tag in a few other users who may have some experience with this. 


@Kevin_ThinkFuel@Mike_Donnelly @Yeti_Mike do you have any tips for @lucasfmsarmento



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Thank you for the shout out @jennysowyrda!


Hi @lucasfmsarmento!


Unfortuantely you are correct in the fact that you can only associate one company with an Deal. You can however associate multiple contacts from that company to the Deal just as a side note.


Generally how we've seen this handled is to create custom fields on the Deal. You could create a dropdown field for the "Buyer-side" sales rep and then have all the reps as values in the dropdown, and do the same thing for the Seller's side. This will help you track the rep for both sides and these fields could be used in Deal reporting. You could also capture the "Buyer" company name and "Seller" company name as well. If there are too many members to create useful dropdowns, you could use text fields but you'll want to copy the buyer's company name directly from their contact record to avoid mis-spellings.


Perhaps a bit more insight into the Deal creation rules would be helpful as well. For example, do you always create a deal and associate the company who is looking to buy, looking to sell, or both in some cases? If there is a business process in place to enforce that, then you could then limit the custom fields you are creating to capture the other data. 


Let me know if this gets you on the right track.





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