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Nobody likes buying a vehicle. Dealerships the world over are plagued by consumers that have had terrible experiences purchasing vehicles. Many times that experience was created by a sales process and technology stack that works for the manufacturer, distributor or dealership - not the end consumer. And it shows. 


Using HubSpot as the central point for our sales and marketing teams, we've been able to provide a customer experience that is focused on the customer. Using HubSpot we have built our own sales and marketing process - customized from the ground up. It takes way more work than using an "out-of-the-box" system from a "typical" automotive or powersports CRM provider. But it has allowed us to build a system that fits our customers needs and shift based on the shifts in their buying preferences. It forces us to think about the validity and value of each step, who it is for, why it's impactful and how it can be optimized. In addition HubSpot innovates at a pace unknown to the automotive and powersports industry. And for anything it can't do, we can integrate HubSpot with necessary third-party platforms through APIs.


We have found that HubSpot is the ideal system for us, is anyone else in the automotive or powersports industry using it too? Let's compare notes!

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