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Automating Renewals via Deals



We are in the process of automating our renewals by using Deals and Workflows.


We have come to a stop due to a current problem and I am wondering if you can help with any ideas.


We have a workflow that will autocreate deal if marked as "closed won" & another property called "auto-renew" which is basically a trigger to recreate that exact deal and treat it as a renewal.

The first instance we do this, the deal is recreated exactly where we want it to go, however, when we try to mirror the same process with the second deal that was created, we have an error from workflow saying this action was not taken to prevent an infinite loop, which I get as the naming convention is the same, triggers are the same. How do we get around this so we can create a fluid renewal deal  year on year? 



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Automating Renewals via Deals

Hi there,

Automating renewals via Deals and Workflows is a great approach to streamline your processes, but encountering errors like the one you described can indeed be frustrating. It seems like you're running into an issue with preventing infinite loops in your workflow due to the recurrence of the same deal creation process.

One way to work around this is by introducing a mechanism to differentiate between the original deal creation and subsequent renewal deals. Here are a couple of ideas you might consider:

1. **Unique Identifier**: Add a unique identifier to each deal, such as a timestamp or a custom property, during the initial creation. When recreating the deal for renewal, modify the workflow to check for this identifier and skip the recreation process if it matches a previous deal.


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Automating Renewals via Deals

Hi @SThatcroos,


I actually had this same issue last week and spoke to HubSpot Support on it. This was the response that I received -


"I am checking our resources and it seems that if the newly created object is created more than 30mins ago, it will not run into this same error.A workaround is to insert a 31minute delay in the workflow before proceeding to the "Create a record" branch to fully ensure that it is spaced out and will not run into the unintended infinite loop."


I tested this and it seemed to work for me, I hope it does for you too.



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Automating Renewals via Deals

To avoid the infinite loop issue, you can use a combination of deal properties and conditions to differentiate between initial and renewal deals. Here's a straightforward solution:

  1. Add a Custom Property: Create a custom property called “Renewal Stage” or similar.

  2. Update Workflows:

    • Initial Deal Workflow: When a deal is marked as “closed won” and “auto-renew” is true, create the renewal deal and set the “Renewal Stage” property of the new deal to “Renewal 1”.
    • Renewal Deal Workflow: Adjust the workflow to check the “Renewal Stage” property before creating a new deal. For example, if “Renewal Stage” is “Renewal 1”, create a new deal and set its “Renewal Stage” to “Renewal 2”.
  3. Prevent Loop: Ensure the workflow conditions are set to only trigger when the “Renewal Stage” property is at the appropriate value (e.g., “Renewal 1” for the first renewal, “Renewal 2” for the second, etc.).

This approach allows you to manage renewals year-on-year without causing an infinite loop.


Automating Renewals via Deals

Hi @SThatcroos ,


Happy to help. For clarity, is the second deal that is being created (the renewal) also going into a Closed Won pipeline stage? Also is it going into a new pipeline or the same one? From here I will be able to advise further.


However my initial thoughts are the Renewal Deals should go into a separate pipeline and into a stage that is not 'closed won' until the renewal date is true/passed - otherwise you will indeed have the infinite loop issue if it goes into the same pipeline and/or a closed-won deal stage. Deals can then be moved along the Renewals pipeline automatically using workflows this by looking at the Deal closed date, at which another workflow will then trigger the next renewal deal.


Please let me know your full process & set-up so I can assist further.


Many thanks,


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