Associating contacts to a deal that are not the primary contact


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I'm just trying to work out the best way to associate a number of contacts to a particular deal, but keeping the primary contact as the main point of reference. 


Just some context - We operate a tour company whereby we generally deal with one contact (either the organiser of a social group or a representative of a business). Before the tour, we retrieve the contact details of each individual. I would like to have thse contacts associated with this particular tour. Ideally, I would like to effectively have a complete history of the tours each contact has experienced.


So, I'm just wondering what the best way of going about this would be? Is there an alternative to just merely using the association feature to associate each contact to the deal? I would like a way to distinguish between the primary contact and the other guests. I would also like a contact property that lists out all the tours (deals) the person has been on.


Your assistance with this would be much appreciated!

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Hi @DrewCampbell ,

Ideally this is the only way to associate the contacts with the deal. Associate the contacts with the deals and create a contact property Contact type - Primary and Secondary contact. This way you can distinguish them. 
I would also like a contact property that lists out all the tours (deals) the person has been on:
For this you have to check the particular contact's details to see what all tours (deals) he has experianeced with you. You need not to create a property for that as you are creating deals for each tour the contact is booking with you.

Hope this helps!

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