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Associate contacts with corresponding accounts and deals

Hello Community,
I have uploaded and imported the contacts lists, the accounts list and the deals' list in HubSpot. I need contacts to correspond to their respective accounts and deals. I need some sort of unique identifier to link them. Please advise me to proceed with this kind of association. Thanks!

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Hall of Famer | Partner

Associate contacts with corresponding accounts and deals

Hi @SGraham32,


If you have these records in import files, then I'd recommend running the import again but following these instructions to import multiple objects:


By importing multiple objects, you can establish that connection; the association between objects. You can find sample files for imports with multiple objects here:


Keep in mind that repeated imports will create duplicates unless they contain an object ID, an email address (for contacts) or a company domain name (for companies). Depending on how your import files are set up, you need to think ahead and figure out an order for your imports.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Karsten Köhler
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