Assistance managing multiple teams, roles and permissions In HubSpot

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My name is Katie Burke and I am a Technical Consultant in the ProServices EMEA team.  I have a number of customers that have multiple brands, teams, and roles.  It can all get a little bit....


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I created this excel for customers to be able to easily manage what roles/teams have what access.  I hope that you find this helpful, as HubSpot continues to grow and improve, I would recommend double-checking that all permission options are up to date!

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Thank you for sharing @kaburke !!

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Nice one, @kaburke! I have a similar sheet haha.

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@karstenkoehler  you will have to share the wealth so we can compare them!!! 😉 


Thank you for sharing @kaburke! I had created something similar a year or so ago and lost it, so this is a great starting point again 🙂

Do you have any suggestions or models on the various Roles you typically set up or see customer's use?


Thank you for this!