Ask Us Anything: Email Marketing and Ads Tools Now Available For Free in the HubSpot CRM

HubSpot Product Team

Your CRM is the secret weapon to providing your customers with delightful, personalized marketing, contextualized for any stage in the buyer’s journey. That’s why, starting today, email marketing and ads tools are available for free within the HubSpot CRM.


Have questions about these new free tools? We have members of the HubSpot product team here to answer any questions you might have. 


@pweston3  - Product Group Lead

@WillDekrey  - Ads Product Manager

@Shay  - Email Marketing Product Manager

@TomMonaghan  - Postmaster & Director of Product

@Zakiya  - Email Deliverability Consultant

@EllaB  - Email Product Expert

@Stevie  - Ads Product Expert

And myself, @agirard -- Product Marketing Mangager for the Marketing Hub.

Feel free to drop in your questions below. We’ll start answering questions at 11 AM EST on July 19, until 11 AM EST on July 26.


This AMA has ended. If you have new questions please post them in the Community

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Hi, the dates for the Q&A are in july right? it's written june but i don't think i missed this already. Thanks for a confirmation

HubSpot Product Team

Great catch @blablamadden -- fixed it. Thanks!

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how can I import all my salesforce data into HubSpot, including email, notes, documents?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi there, 


With the Salesforce integration, you can import your email data from Salesforce through task import. For additional data like notes and documents, we recommend using one of our partners like Import 2 to pull the rest of the data into HubSpot. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, 



Occasional Contributor

Hi @Stevie,


I'm confused about something. If we have one HubSpot account, connected to 2 GoogleAds accounts with 2 different domains; Are we able to add the respective pixels to both or does a single account with a single ads product add on can only track a single domain?

Currently, I am able to connect 2 GoogleAds accounts but it only lets me choose one tracking pixel.


Thanks in advance,

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the quesiton! HubSpot's Ads tool currently only supports one pixel per network, however you can manually place tags/pixels for any additional accounts in that network by installing the code in your site's HTML. The only limitation here is that other tags/pixels that are not installed in your HubSpot Ads Settings cannot be used to create audiences within your HubSpot Ads tool.

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Thank you @Stevie,


As a separate question,  are there any hidden perks or flaws to using HubSpot forms over a more robust 3rd part tool with native HubSpot integrations, such as Gravity Forms (as they give much more customization and conditional logic etc options)? 

HubSpot Product Team

Glad I could help!


As far as the Ads tool is concerned in relation to HubSpot Forms, the main benefit is that all the background functionalities we need for contact attribution are already taken care of for you: the form submissions are automatically sent to HubSpot, along with the visitor's cookie information, page URL, and additional information about their session that we would need in order to determine if they got to your site via a tracked ad or not.


If you're using a 3rd party/non-HubSpot form, you would need to set it up to utilize HubSpot's Forms API and ensure that you're passing the pageUri and hutk parameters properly in order to ensure successful contact attribution in the Ads tool. As long as you or a developer on your team is able to set that up, definitely feel free to go for a 3rd party form service if that suits your needs! 

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Awesome thank you!

We are utilizing Gravity Forms on our WP websites. Currently, we have 2 brands, both have WordPress websites and Gravity Form Pro set up with the HubSpot WordPress Plugin and Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-on installed and connected. I suppose this should cover the connection with HubSpot you mentioned above, right?

That being said we are still a bit lost about the pixel issue I mentioned. 
We have 2 AdWords accounts and I connected them both to HubSpot. But the system lets me activate only one of the Ad Pixels as you mentioned before. Keeping in mind they are both external websites with 3rd party forms connected as I stated above, what functionality are we missing now because of the single-pixel limitation (on our second ad account that we couldn't use the respective pixel for) ?

Are we able to track those ad clickers and retarget them or create audiences?

Or are we somehow confusing the tracking function as this accounts tracking code is installed on both websites but only one pixel is being injected to both of them? (Or maybe is it intelligent enough to inject the pixel only on the right respective website?)

Sorry if I am a bit confused here and thanks in advance. We really appreciate the support here.

HubSpot Product Team

Glad I could help! Apologies about the delay here. I did some research on the Gravity Forms for HubSpot tool you mentioned and confirmed that this should work perfectly with HubSpot's Ads tool - this integration automatically sends us the cookie data and page URL information along with form submissions we need to attribute contacts to the ads they click on. 


As for the pixel issue, the only functionality you won't be able to utilize for the secondary AdWords account would be HubSpot website visitor audiences. You can still create contact list audiences for this account and tracking, attribution, and reporting will still function as expected. We apply our tracking on a per-account basis regardless of pixel installation, as long as auto-tracking is turned on in your ad settings in HubSpot. I hope this helps clear things up!