Adding Simple Q&As to Marketing Emails with Buttons or CTAs

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At the moment, it isn’t possible to conduct questionnaires with Marketing emails. 


That said, it is possible to track clicks within Marketing emails - this can be used to collect answers from email recipients. Here’s how you can do so:


  1. Create a Marketing Email - depending on your subscription, you can either create the email from the drag and drop email editor or do so from the classic editor.
  2. After you’ve created the email, you can either create a call-to-action (CTA) or add a button directly to your email. 
    • You can customize the link for each button to any existing page on your website.
    • You can also create simple landing pages for this purpose - it is important that each URL used in the link is unique.  
    • Alternatively, if you’re using a CTA - the CTA should be used for this email only and each option should be a unique CTA. 
    • In this example, I’ve added buttons directly to the email for users to RSVP to a birthday party. 

      Adding a button to a drag and drop email.Adding a button to a drag and drop email.

      Configuring the button details.Configuring the button details.

  3. After you’ve created and sent the emails, you can filter by contacts that have clicked each option in the email. 
    • If a CTA was used, the filter applied will be ‘Calls-to-action > [Name of CTA] > Contact has clicked this version of the call-to-action > Any version of the CTA’. 
    • If a button was used, the filter applied will be ‘Marketing Emails >  [name of email] > Contact clicked a link in email > URL of option link’.

      Example marketing email list filters.Example marketing email list filters.

This will generate different lists of contacts depending on how they have responded to your emails.

Additional Options:
As an additional option, you can even
create a custom property, then use a workflow to populate the custom property based on URL or CTA clicks for reporting. Here’s what an example workflow would look like:


Example workflow to populate property based on email clicksExample workflow to populate property based on email clicks



Other uses for this workaround:

  • Simple RSVP for events - like in the above example.
  • Send Feedback Surveys if you don’t have a Service Hub Professional Subscription.
  • Collect opinions on products: 
    • Which version of a product do you prefer?’ with the options ‘Version A’ or ‘Version B’. 
    • Was an update useful?’ with the options ‘Yes’ or ‘No
  • You can also add multiple URL links or CTAs to collect more data - such as: 
    • When do you check your emails?‘ with the options ‘Morning’, ‘Afternoon’, or ‘Night’. 
    • Who did you buy this product for’ with the options ‘Myself’, ‘Parent’, ‘Sibling’, ‘Friend’ or ‘Partner’.


There are many possibilities - hope this helps! 

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