8 ways to ramp up your new HubSpot users

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As you grow your business and consequently your teams, you may have new people who haven't used HubSpot before who need to understand how to use the tools. And quickly.
People learn and absorb information in different ways so our HubSpot Academy team, Onboarding team and Professional Servicesteam try to ensure there is an option for everyone to comfortably and effectively learn how to use HubSpot. 
Here are 8 different ways you can ramp up your new team members on HubSpot:
  1. CSM Overview Call - your CSM can schedule a top level overview of the tools for your new starter and show them how to find the resource articles they'll need for their role and show them how to contact tech support
  2. Internal run through - internal knowledge sharing is crucial for new starters to show and explain to them how YOU use HubSpot at your company
  3. Certifications - find a series of videos about the HubSpot methodology and the different tool sets followed by questions (we don't like to use the word 'test'!). Many customers add their badge to their email signature and LinkedIn profiles after completing. So esteemed! 
  4. Academy Courses - short videos on several tools
  5. Knowledge Base - step by step visually led guides for each tool
  6. New user Group Webinars - hands-on training bootcamp which includes 4 one-hour long sessions that will take place over the course of one month
  7. Projects - pick an initiative or create a list of tools or actions and work your way through them using the links in the project tool to follow the articles and tick them off as you go!
  1. 4 hour block of training - work with an Inbound Consultant from our Professional Services team to focus on specific tools - 4 hours spaced over a month
  2. Classroom training -  a hands-on, personalised HubSpot training experience - join other HubSpotters for remote training for 1-3 full days
  3. Full HubSpot onboarding - lasting between 30 days to 3 months with a dedicated HubSpot onboarding Specialist (mainly used when there are several new team members)
If you are unsure which is best for your or your new starters - message your CSM for advice!
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Great advice @Kristin-Fox!


When we're supporting an onboarding process we always advise users to spend some time getting comfortable using the system. This might mean adding friends, relatives, or personal email accounts and logging some activities with them (the contacts can be deleted later). The more confident they are that they won't mess something up or break the system, the more confident they'll be jumping in and using it. 


After some hands-on experience training and resources tend to resonate better from our experience.


This is a great topic. Thanks for sharing!

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