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4 Marketing Automation Planning Tips To Organize Your Strategy

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of MasterChef has probably seen the jury chefs on the show scolding the contestants for a dirty and cluttered countertop.

That principle of keeping your work environment clean and tidy doesn’t only apply to cooking. It is valid for any activity! And especially when it comes to marketing and automation strategies.


So, planning for marketing automation to organize and document processes is hard to cultivate but enriching.


When I joined Rock Content, the team had around 20 employees with an exclusive focus on a single product and a single market, the Brazilian market.


Today, we are still a lean team, but we have four products and a global presence , especially in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States ( in other words, three languages). None of this would be possible without the correct setup.


If you want to know what I learned along this growth journey and take a look behind the scenes, the time is now! Join me for our four tips for marketing automation planning! 


How to do Marketing automation planning scale in mind

Marketing automation customization is one of the most important features of this type of tool (and one of the most promoted by companies that sell such software). And this is understandable: nobody wants to invest in a tool that can’t perfectly fit your business or solve the problems you face.


As everyone can customize whatever they want and there are hundreds or even thousands of use cases, we found little content on how to use the tool daily to maximize the planning and organization of all data and information a marketing automation tool may contain.


Here at Rock Content, we help hundreds of clients with their marketing strategies. I’ve often accessed a client’s Hubspot and couldn’t understand what was going on there, depending on someone from the company in question to explain the objective or audience of emails, nurture flows, landing pages, etc.


That mess goes in the complete opposite direction of the mission of these tools! Marketing automation is about saving time, talking to your audience while paying attention to their particularities, and collecting data to make this work more effectively.

Since everything is customizable, the people who work with a marketing automation tool end up using the present context and, in many cases, never develop rules or guidelines that organize all the content that exists in the tool.


So, how to achieve this goal?

I’ll give you four tips:

1. Organize your contact properties
2. Organize your forms
3. Create a process for naming things
4. Standardize and document EVERYTHING!

Want more details about these 4 tips? Check my full blog post about it:

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4 Marketing Automation Planning Tips To Organize Your Strategy

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