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2 Knowledge Bases Question?



At INBOUND, a speaker mentioned having two knowledge bases: 1 for sales and one for customers. Does anyone have this? Can you send me examples? How is it working? Is it hosted on HubSpot?



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2 Knowledge Bases Question?

Hi @Marisa12 are you asking whether HubSpot has two knowledge bases (one for sales and one for customers) or whether it's possible to configure two?


I know many accounts that have two KBs - one external for customers for support and one internal, but it's not possible to share both because the internal is only visible to their team.


If you want to see an example of a customer knowledge base, here's one I've built:


This LinkedIn post from Samantha at Origin 63 shows how they're using a KB internally.


As @PamCotton mentioned, you can have multiple knowledge bases hosted in HubSpot via Service Hub Pro or Enterprise.


I'm happy to help if you have any other questions.


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2 Knowledge Bases Question?

Hello @Marisa12 thank you for posting in our Community!

Currently, it is possible to create multiple knowledge bases.

You can create multiple knowledge bases to organize information for your customers. Once you get your knowledge bases set up, learn more about creating and customizing knowledge-base articles


I hope this information helps.


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