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iOS application - Turn off notifications for e-mail opens

We use the iOS app for accessibility to customers when we're away from the computer, so have notifications turned on so new conversations alert us and we can respond.


When a customer opens an e-mail, we get notified with an iOS push notification, and the settings do not have an option to turn off this type of notification.  Unfortunately, this means every time a customer clicks on an e-mail in their e-mail client we get a push notification (and for some people that can be 10-15 times as they page through e-mails, which is extremely annoying).  Any suggestions to disable this?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

iOS application - Turn off notifications for e-mail opens

Hi @MSchuster,


Welcome to the Community! 👋 I'm glad that you're using our mobile app. 


Notifications about email opens and clicks are a part of the "Activity Feed". Have you tried turning the Activity Feed toggle off in the iOS app? You can find the toggle if you tap Settings in the bottom navigation menu of the app > NotificationsIt should look something like this: 


Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 18.30.12.png


I hope this helps!


Mia, Community Team 


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