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hubspot is pulling from two of my gmail accounts and I only want it pulling from one

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I am having a issue disconnecting hubspot from a second gmail account I have.  I use one for work for a company that uses Hubspot.  The other account I use for a separate business.  Contacts are being created when I send emails from either email and I would like to make sure it is just the one.


I have gone through all the help steps.  When I go to Integrations>Email Integrations, it just shows the one correct email address.  I can't figure out how to disconnect, or even see, the second.


Help would be greatly appreciated!





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Hi @Fordsmith,


You will want to make sure when you are sending emails from within your gmail that the chrome settings are not enabled to log and track the email. That will ensure you are not creating contacts from the wrong address. 


Additionally, you could create a seperate chrome instance for each email so that the HubSpot options don't populate when you are sending emails in the other email inbox.


Thank you,

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