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Alex94 on July 17, 2023
Hello everyone, I already posted the same thing about a year ago (see below) and wanted to ask if there are any solutions in HubSpot or third party solutions to the issue by now. We use Office365 and Outlook for emails. We've also already conn read more
Accepted Solution
August 01, 2023 07:59
The issue you are describing is that there is no synchronization between HubSpot Conversations and Outlook. This means that when you answer an email more
TheAnswerLady on May 08, 2023
I have a need to display email conversation data in new tickets. I had assumed that the full email history from the Contact profile would carry over but it does not. I built a couple of work-arounds that I hoped would work but I have confirmed today read more
Community Manager
May 09, 2023 08:13
Hi @TheAnswerLady , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! That's correct, the contact's email history will not show in newly created more
HRich on April 25, 2023
Hello, I would like to connect my marketing@ email to our conversations inbox. However, when I go to connect it as a channel, HubSpot expects it to be a google group email address, which it is not. It is a alias email address. read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
April 25, 2023 09:25
Hi @HRich I believe this is correct, I don't think you can connect an alias - it would have to be configured as a group email.
KSieverts on April 03, 2023
Hello there, In order to allow contacts to know their ticketID we've created an automatic marketing e-mail which uses the ticketID and sends that to the contact (normal ticketing-system function). However, whenever a contact replies to said e-ma read more
Community Manager
April 03, 2023 15:42
Hello @KSieverts , thank you for posting in our Community! I was able to find a similar idea in our ideas forum here. I would recommend to more
JoseGLS on March 21, 2023
Hi, We have connected our team inbox to automatically create a ticket when we receive an email from a specific inbox. Now, what we want is to create the ticket in a specific pipeline or another pipeline depending on whether the email (contact) read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 21, 2023 09:32
Hi @JoseGLS , I'm not aware of a way to add this branching logic at the moment of ticket creation, unfortunately. The way I'd approach this more
CGoodwinOlsen on May 30, 2022
Our support team has an inbox which creates a ticket for each new email thread. In general, we receive inbound inquiries via email for handling and exchange emails only with the original sender. But sometimes an inquiry requires us to initiate an read more
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
May 31, 2022 08:27
Hi @CGoodwinOlsen The way that I add additional recipients to conversations/tickets without creating a new ticket is to reply from the more
WStoffberg on May 23, 2022
Hi, We are in the process of moving shared inboxes into HubSpot and are setting up the team signatures. However, we were having an error code issue and after chatting with support it turns out there is a character limit. This essentially mea read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 24, 2022 14:47
Hi @WStoffberg , Thank you for feedback. I would highly recommend you to please post this product suggestion on our ideas forum . more
Choward525 on January 20, 2022
Our Customer Service Team is split into two different divisions. An Engineering division for product knowledge and project assistance and a Help Desk division for ordering questions, website help, etc... Specifically in our engineering division I w read more
Key Advisor
February 02, 2022 00:10
Sorry, I'm not using HubSpot chat.
DRasaitear on December 09, 2021
Hi all, An email is appearing in our outlook team inbox however, it's not appearing on Tickets or on Conversations. This has happened a few times in the past and I can't figure out why since the customer has sent many emails in the past with no read more
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 09, 2021 08:07
Hi @DRasaitear , Have you checked the spam folder in your conversations inbox (left sidebar)? Some emails will land in there. HubSpot will more
FPeters on November 17, 2021
My team has a connected team email account in Hubspot. However, we reply to client emails from Outlook, and would like to see these replies be logged in HubSpot inbox under the incoming client email. Is this possible? So far I have only found inform read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
November 18, 2021 05:03
Hi @FPeters Thank you for reaching out. If you have a team email you'll have to reply from Conversations > Inbox, otherwise you more
pperret on November 08, 2021
Hello all, We have been running into an issue where several users are sending email responses to customers and other employees that are being sent out of a pipeline that they should not even have access to. For example, we have users in a Suppo read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Diamond Partner
November 10, 2021 03:04
Hi @pperret , By pipleline you mean deals/tickets pipeline or inboxes? Check whom you have given access to your inboxes. Check oyt this article more
JDutson on February 01, 2021
We have a client who uses Tickets extensively for tracking activities / communications with new customers. When their HubSpot account was initially set up the global setting that all associated emails would show on tickets (in the middle activity f read more
0 upvote
11 Replies
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
April 19, 2021 08:57
Hi @JDutson Sorry for the delay here! Yes I think you could do something here using the APIs. Something like this: First, get more
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