without the www. does not allow URL detail text strings to be displayed


My domain is hosted at My website is hosted at Hubspot. My website address is I have several web pages on my website. These pages are all identified by a series of text strings, denoting path statements for folder and file names. When I key in , all text strings for subordinate web page locations are displated in the proper sequences in the address window. 


When I key in, truncating the "www", which is a standard behavior in this business, the term, "", over writes all text string series for all web pages subordinate to, making it impossible to see the correct URL link for the respective web page. This error got fixed either by tech support or by Hubspot tect support or by one of the tech reps who wrote and published my website at Revenue River in Golden, Colorado. I don't know who fixed it and I don't care. Now it's broken again and I just want it fixed. Please someone help me. Thanks. 


How can the over writing condition of "" be terminated to allow the underlying extended text strings for each subordinate web page to be displayed in the address window? 


My usual procedure for mitigating these kinds of issues is to call Hubspot Tech Support, which up until now almost without exception been available and ready to answer wuestions truly on a 24/7/365 basis. This is disappointing that Hubspot support is not available. I certainly hope being closed for a holiday is going to prove out to be an exception rather than the rule. 

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Hi @archline 


This is most likely to do with your DNS configuration using something like URL masking to show pages from (which is the only domain actually supported by HubSpot) as being at 


The solution I would recommend would be to change your DNS configuration to send non-www traffic to the www domain without masking. Many DNS platforms have features that do this, but it if not, HubSpot Support can issue A records to achieve the same result.


Hope this helps.

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