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In the general pipeline settings you can automate the ticket status when a customer replies - I need this functionality to happen across pipelines - for example we have a less used pipeline called 'training' we want replies on this ticket pipeline to be moved to a ticket status in our general customer service pipeline. (SEE PICTURE BELOW).


I have tried to create a workflow (Image Below) against the ticket pipeline to send an email to the shared inbox every time there is a reply on a ticket - it doesn't work properly, the customer support dont know why it doesnt work and suggest I used the notifications, however I can't use notifications as they are set up by user and we also have each user's email populating in the Shared Inbox so we would end up with multiple notifications....


So two issues - I either would like a reason as to why the workflow isn't working - the set-up looks fine and support confirmed this.... the best option would be to be able to switch pipelines on the general set-up as I have shown above....


If anyone has any ideas I'd love to know your thoughts! Smiley Very Happy




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Hi @Lu2Swag


It looks like you are still working with HubSpot technical Support regarding this matter.


I would recommend continuing to work with them if something is not working as expected.


Thank you,

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I did solve this with the help of support thank you. - We added another column within the pipeline called 'Replies Auto Only' and in the general settings for that pipeline - automated that replies go into that column.

We then set a workflow against that column to create a Ticket which went into the general Ticket Pipeline that we use every day - telling the team there has been a reply on a ticket in the other pipeline - they can then find these tickets in the 'Replies Auto Only' column...