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Workflow if agent for live chat takes too long to respond

We are creating a live chat for our website and creating a good customer experience. 


If agent is listed as available in HubSpot, but they don't answer to the live chat - we don't want the customers just sitting there to wait for an answer. 

I have tried to create a conversation enrollment trigger workflow if the agent response time is longer then 3 minutes to send an email to the customer, but I cannot get this workflow to trigger an external email. 


Any tips? Thank you!



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Workflow if agent for live chat takes too long to respond

Hey @Andreia-I, thank you for posting in our Community!


You can create a custom property in HubSpot for tracking the time when the conversation was last updated or started. If the conversation is still unanswered, add an action to send an email to the customer.


To our top experts, @TomM2 and @Anton do you have any recommendations for @Andreia-I matter?


Thank you,


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