Where is the dependent/dynamic logic for Ticket Properties?


In 2022, is it possible that HubSpot doesn't have dependent drop downs for ticket Properties? 


I understand something like this exists in Forms, but how can it be that there is no dependency options for ticket properties?


The dirtiest dirt cheapest service desk providers have this, even if not at the entry level subscription, and we're working with Enterprise on HubSpot. 


I hope I am just ignorant and that these options, these so obvious clear and default options, do in fact exist somewhere...

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Hi @Craig_R,


This should work, at least I'm not experiencing any issues in any of my portals. See the example below; after clicking on the Category ticket property on the right, the left sidebar will pop open. After switching from the Basic into the Logic tab, I can set up dependent fields and chose to show a File upload field for this example.




When testing this, this worked across contact and ticket properties and property types.


Dependent form fields are a Marketing or CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise feature (see the "Applies to" box here). Which subscription level are you on?


The decision to tie this feature to a marketing subscription is arguable, I'd agree.


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Thank you, Karsten. Looks like that functionality is not available to me, as we do not have the requsite tier of the marketing module. Does seem odd to tie this to that feature set...

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time!