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Hi All, 


Hope someone can help as getting slightly frustrated. 


So we have set up a Business WhatsApp and after invetigating other 3rd party integrations we have decieded to go with HubSpot WhatsApp integration. 

We have this set up as follows:

  1. New WhatsApp messages come through to Conversation > Inbox
  2. A ticket is created in the Support Pipeline under > WhatsApp ticket Stage. 
  3. Templates have been set up with Meta to send Thanks for your messages etc.....
  4. Workflow has been set up to send this out to customers


This only works if the person has a contact record created with a number attached. I for example got the automated message back but many others testing this did not. 


Is there a way that when a WhatsApp comes in we can create a Ticket with associated number and then automate the WhatsApp template 


Is this only possible if the incoming WhatsApp message already has an asscoaited number (In exactly the same format)

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Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner

WhatsApp Templates and Workflows

@DianaGomez not sure if I can help, but have a few questions for @OllyLD that might help find the answer.


When the WhatsApp message comes through the inbox, is the phone number a visible property?


You mentioned your contact record already had a number attached, but others didn't - could you add a step to the workflow before the template sends to copy the number from the inbox message to the contact phone number property?


Could you create the template from the workflow as a snippet that you could use directly in the inbox?


I haven't used the WhatsApp integration yet - hopefully one of the others can help more!


Jennifer Nixon - Director of Revenue Operations at WORQFLOW

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Community Manager

WhatsApp Templates and Workflows

Hi @OllyLD


Thank you for the inquiry.


I'd like to involve some of our experts in the conversation to review whether they have any suggestions for you or if they have encountered a similar case in their experience and how they resolved it.


Hi @danmoyle@Josh@Jnix284. Do any of you happen to have any suggestions for @OllyLD ?


Thank you all for your contributions.


Best regards,


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