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Hi there,

We've recently switched from Intercom to HubSpot and set up the chat on different websites. One is on a logged in environment, our main website and our help centre. We've also set up visitor identification to identify the users who are logged in. And now we can only recognise users when they start a chat in the logged in environment. But we also want to identify these users on our main website and our help centre.  

With Intercom this was possible. You could identify the visitor when they logged into our portal and when they navigated to our website or help centre and started a chat there.
It also allowed them to access the chats that they started in the portal and our help centre.

Is this something we can set up with HubSpot as well? 

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Hi @MPelamonia 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @tjoyce @Bryantworks @Mike_Eastwood do you have any thoughts for @MPelamonia on this?


Thank you!



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Hi @MPelamonia 


While I haven't tested the chat, we use the HubSpot tracking code (which also delivers chat, notifications, forms, etc.) on multiple subdomains (main site, ecommerce site, etc.) to get a complete picture of visitor activity.


So, without testing I would assume it works.


Keen to hear how you get on.