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Hi everyone, 


It seems like there is a limited set of properties you could get via tokens. How to get data of other properties (deal properties), that are not listed there: 




Has anyone overcome such a challenge?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Melesa_Gardon,


This is a limitation not only in bot chatflows but also website forms. HubSpot will only associate input information with the contact object, not any other object (deal, ticket, company). (Although there is currently a recent beta for Company properties in forms.)


The properties that you're seeing in the dropdown are still properties associated with the contact object. They contain deal information but they're contact properties.


The only solution that I know of is to create a clone of the property on the object where it doesn't exist. For example, if you want to use Deal owner as a personlization token in your chatflow, you would have to create a custom owner property for the contact object first, called Deal owner. In a deal-based workflow, you would now (re-)enroll deals when "Deal owner is known". The second and only action of the workflow would be to copy the value from the deal Deal owner into the new contact Deal owner property.


If you want values to sync between objects, you would have to set up a workflow for the other direction as well. Keep in mind that these copy actions in workflows always copy the value from an object to all associated objects (the Deal owner would copy to all associated contacts, not just one).


Let me know if you need more details or assistance!

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