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Unsend email

I sent an email with a slight mistake in the address that is "opened" at least 20 times/day. I have deleted the contact it was sent to and the account they were associated with but the problem continues. 

Is there any way to delete the send in Hubspot, or block email notifications from this contact?

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Hall of Famer | Partner

Unsend email

Hi @RStephens8,


This does unfortunately not seem to be possible yet, neither unsending an email (once it's sent, it's sent) nor muting notifications for specific emails. However, other users have requested being able to mute notifications for specific contacts:

Disable notifications based on Contact Name or Email Domain

Disable notifications from individual emails


I'd recommend upvoting and commenting on these ideas. The product teams review these requests based on their popularity. I just upvoted both to support.


You can help other users find these requests more easily by accepting my reply as a solution. I'd appreciate it!


Have a great day!

Karsten Köhler
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