Understanding the relationship between conversations and tickets


I'm new to hubspot and looking for best practices.
We are trying to keep the conversation inbox as clean as possible.
At first glance, If we create a ticket, it keeps the conversation alive and makes the inbox really difficult to navigate. 

Ideally, We would like to move conversations into ticketing and not see the conversations unless we click on the tickets. Once the ticket is resolved, the conversation would also be closed. 

I suppose I could create the ticket and close the conversation, but not sure how hubspot would handle this. 

How do you deal with this and what are your thoughts on the best way to keep the convo box clean? 


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I'm also looking for best practice advice on how to use conversations and tickets. 


I find it confusing that a support form will create both a ticket and an inbox conversation, and then you can either reply to the conversation OR send an email from within the ticket, and if you view the ticket you can't see the conversation!


Personally I'd almost prefer to not use tickets at all and just deal with customer queries via in the Inbox, but the Knowledge Base Support Form forces you to create a ticket from every submission.


It is is really confusing. I've reached out to our Hubspot Customer Success Manager to try and learn how this is meant to be used.