Unable to Receive Incoming Mail - Rackspace

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I was able to connect my rackspace email to Hubspot but I cannot access my inbox or any incoming mail from my contacts is not being logged. So the only thing I can do is send emails. 


Any suggestions?



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Hi @Mlope021,


Are you using your email in the conversations tool, or just connected as an email? 


If your inbox is connected for conversations, you will see the emails pulled in from your inbox. For more information on how this works, I wanted to share this resource


If you are using your inbox as a connected inbox, you can send emails to contacts using this email, and depending on your email inbox settings, replies to those immediate emails will log. This option does not create an inbox type environment within your portal, it allows you to send emails using your email address from within HubSpot. For more information on this, I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,

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