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URL tracking report


I'm relatively new to Hubspot and was wondering if there was a way in hubspot to create a report with a detailed list of customers, who clicked on a specific link within a campain post on linkedin or facebook.
For example some customer saw a post on linkedin and clicked a link which redirected him to a specific page and event of that happening was "recorded" by hubspot.
Thanks in advance

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Guide | Diamond Partner

URL tracking report

Hi @JSzczygielski ,

Within HubSpot, you can create lists of contacts based on Ad interactions (as shown in the screenshot attached). You can use this list filter to specify a particular ad campaign/ ad ID that you would like to which contacts interacted with. Ad interactions include when users click on your ads or submit a form after they are engaged with your ad. You can learn more about creating a lost based on ad interactions here.

Hope this helps!
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