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Time ticket was created property

My company uses a specific format for ticket names and I am trying to get the tickets created by a website form to follow the same format. Currently, the format will use an industry initial, pipeline initial::customer number::date. Of course the customer won't have all this information. If the ticket is created by phone or e-mail then the format we want is used which is pipeline initial, MMDDYYYHHMM.

There is a date property, but not 100% how we want. The problem is getting a time property for the moment a ticket is created by forms.

For example, a customer submits a ticket for our welder pipeline today, 10/25/2023,at 4:30. How can I get a property created indicating the time the ticket is created in a 24-hour format so that the ticket name will become W102520231630?

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Time ticket was created property

Hello @ASiggins, thank you for posting in our Community.


For something like this, you would need to create a "datetime" property that stores both the date and the time. At the moment, it is only possible to create datetime properties using API - within the UI we are only able to create custom properties with the property field type of Date Picker. You can refer to this documentation for more information on this.


To our top experts @Anton @franksteiner79 @Shadab_Khan any recommendations to @ASiggins matter?


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Once you are using a datetime property to accurately store the time as well as the date, the calculation should work as intended.


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