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Tickets created from Chats - Automation in Pipeline

I have built a pipeline to handle our Ticket Workflow and have hit a wall when it comes to Tickets that were built from a Chat. 


As long as we exclude Chats from the Source Enrollment, then our Automation with Tasks works great, except that any Tickets created from chats, then do not have automated Tasks. 


When Chats are included as a source, then the entire automation breaks down and no tasks generate on any of the tickets enrolled in the pipeline. 


Wondering if anyone has experience with this issue and if they were able to resolve it. 



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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Tickets created from Chats - Automation in Pipeline

HI @BGrebe just to see if I understood correctly

A.  when you add Chat to the sources in doesn't create tasks for these tickets but creates for other sources

B.  when you add Chat it doens't create the tasks for the other sources but creates for chat


Any of these options? 


Also, are you using a Chatflow?





Catarina Duarte

Senior Consultant | Periti Digital