Ticket category - best practices and sub-categories

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Since HubSpot only supplies a single Category field for tickets, how are most organizations using this?   My experience in using ticketing systems in the past is that a single level categorization is usually never enough - at a minimum it's two levels and many times three.  





 - How Do I?

-  Technical Issue

-  Billing Issue



For How Do I?

-  Reset Password

-  Print a document

-  Save a list

For Technical Issue

- System latency

- Defect

- Printing errors

For Billing Issue

-  Update billing address

-  Invoice inquiry

-  Credit request


And there could be a third level under some of the Sub-Category items.


I was informed that conditional logic for fields is only available for forms and not tickets so creating a Sub-Category field would display ALL values regardless of what Category value is selected.   Has anyone encountered this?  How are you implementing categorization for your organization?


Thanks in advance!


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HI @SteveMatlick,


I want to tag in a few users who may have some insights into this matter!


@PeterC@Josh@adeelfaisal@MastersFred do you have any tips on organizing multiple levels of data through multiple properties?


Thank you,

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Hi @SteveMatlick,


I believe you are looking for dependent fields in the Support form. 


As per this discussion https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Dependent-fields-in-Service-Support-forms/idi-p/20782... the feature you are looking for is already submitted as an idea but not yet delivered. 

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Hi @adeelfaisal ,


Thanks for sharing the link.  This is the functionality I am looking for and would be great on a Support form but I'm asking about this on tickets directly within the CRM.  Having the ability to create custom properties and then assign a) parent/child for the properties and b) note which child values are assigned to a parent would be extremely helpful.

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Hey @SteveMatlick 


Did you find an alternative to do it, I'm having the same kind of problem, coming from a conventional ticketing system to HubSpot this feature is really important to us.


Additionally not only inside the tickets, but having the fields available to inert on ticket forms as well like other players in the market.

In the example below you choose the category on left side and then you'll have options available on the right side.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 6.26.05 pm.png