Ticket automation triggers from closing conversations in the inbox

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We have the problem that we mostly manage our customer service through the conversations inbox since we receive a large number of conversations on a daily basis. We would like to enroll them in a ticket-workflow automation but the "New" ticket status gets flooded from tickets where we just receive a "thank you" or "OK" reply to conversations that were initiated by our customer service team.
A good feature would be that once a conversation is closed from the conversations inbox it could be assigned to a certain "status" or trigger some kind of automation. Now closing a conversation in the inbox does not make it possible to alter any ticket automations.

I know that ticket statuses can be changed by multiple other actions but I have not seen anything that would be triggered by closing the conversation in the inbox tab.
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I am more than happy to help you figure out this issue you're having. 


Are you able to go into more detail about what automation you would like and what the goal is so that I can have a go at creating it myself in my own portal to ensure this is possible?



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