Ticket automation based on content/keywords? (OR: self-tagging by customer)


Is it possible to automatically assign a ticket (or create a task) to a team / rep based on keywords in the content of the ticket? 

i.e. if an oncoming message has the word "unsubscribe" assign it to a certain team member, or if it contains "interested in" - assign it to a sales team member?


Alternatively - is there a way to allow our customers to tag their own email tickets as "sales"/"customer support"/"bug report" - etc? (the tickets are created from emails sent to our gmail, so I'm thinking either use a gmail filter somehow to let Hubspot know a certain ticket needs to be tagged a certain way, or alternatively send an autoresponder allowing the customer to click a link to tag the conversation).

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Hi @Baduist,


Thank you for reaching out! 


You could create a series of if/then branches in a ticket-based workflow using the "Ticket Description contains any of" criteria in a workflow. The action after the "yes" branch is set the ticket owner property to the user who specializes in the customer's query. 


In regards to customers tagging their own tickets, you could implement this solution by using a Support form as your ticket source and add a dropdown field with the "sales", "customer support" etc. More on that here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/conversations/connect-a-form-to-the-conversations-inbox

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I hope this helps get you started!





Thank you @kvonloesecke ! 


Is it possible to somehow do the same with conversations?