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Ticket Description Not Posting in Replies

We are using HubSpot forms on our websites where customers contact us for tech support, product questions, etc.  Once the form is submitted, we have it set up to create a service ticket.  The problem we have is that when a rep. replies via email, the original "ticket description" does not appear in the reply, so the consumer loses the chain from their original inquiry.  Other than our reps copying and pasting back into the body of the email, is there a way to set this up on the ticket replies?

Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner

Ticket Description Not Posting in Replies

Hi @joepod700 and @KCampbell 


Another way than copy/paste the description is to create a snippet in which the content is something like this:


Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 8.28.11 PM.png After that your agent will just have to enter #description in their first reply to the contact.


Hope that helps!

Louis Chaussé


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Ticket Description Not Posting in Replies

Hi @joepod700 ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, I can confirm that you are correct that the original description will not appear automatically within your reply. With this in mind, copying/pasting the description into your reply will be the fastest way to accomplish your goal. It never hurts to ask though! If you have any further questions on this please let me know!

Thank you,
Kevin Camppbell
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