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I've created support form where customer have to select ticket categories f.e. problem with computer, problem with password etc...

These categories are same how we are categorise tickets. Is it possible to create automation workflow that these contact selection(s) are copied to the ticket categories?


I managed to create automation that if contact filling form and select catgory -> it copied to that ticket category but if I create second automation for other category - then that second category also comes to that first ticket....

So it should be automation where automation checks each filled ticket forms which categories customer have selected and copies these categories to that certain ticket and next one same (but off course what happened before at another ticket) but nothing changes ticket properties what came first...

Sorry my poor English but do you understand my point? This automation would  improve a lot tickect handling if categories are allready filled by customer.

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Hi @phtheref,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Just to confirm, by "ticket categories", do you mean ticket status? Or have you created a custom ticket property for categories? 


It is possible to copy contact property values to ticket properties: you can read more about the process in this Community article. 


I hope this helps! 


Mia, Community Team

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we have custom property for ticket categories and we are using those same in the form.

Problem here is that (when testing this) is that:

Customer A chooses category "plaplaa" -> it goes nicely to ticket kategory
after that
Customer B chooses categroy "liplap" -> it goes nicely to ticket kategory BUT it also add this category to the earlier Customer A:s ticket.

I need to verify and check this again with incognito browser and different pc:s to check that is there anything with cookies or something which can cause this and also I selected when copy this property to ticket property "append". Need to test with replace option also.