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There is no sound notification when a new chat comes in. We are only getting a sound notification once someone has responded to the chat. This is very ineffective and it's causing us to miss chats. 

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Hey @nikkiv,


You can configure the notification sounds for chats as outlined here.




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@jennysowyrda Yes - I know how to set these up. The issue we are having is if we don't have the browser window open then there is no sound which is causing us to miss chats. 

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Currently, sound notifications do not honor a user's defined settings, the only setting is based n the sound notification setting under conversations settings. Also, the sound notification only applies to assigned chats and not unassigned chats. Users should have the ability to control sound notification just like how they are able to control the various notifications under user profile and preferences. 

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We have turned on all desktop, floating and other notifications for chat messages, and when the browser window is active not all chat incoming messages sound an alert. We are stilll experiencing this issue to date. 

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We face the same issue. Whether the agent is active, on the chat screen or else in HubSpot or the computer, I would like to hear a sound for all incoming chat messages.

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Oh my gosh YES PLEASE!.  We have tried to incorporate HubSpot chat into our business twice and both times we have had to revert back to our previous tool because we miss too many darn chats. 

We need something that pounds us mercilessly until someone responds to the chat.  Can you imagine a phone that only rings once (if at all)?  Personally, I want it to ring and ring and ring continuously like a phone. 

As much as I appreciate the value of having it purely a web solution, I think we need to add this to the Windows application that sits in my icon tray.  Right now the Windows application doesn't include chat notifications.  Let's add it there, then I can see if it's loaded and I'll get audible notifications and screen pops bashing my team over the head. 

Right now, the notifications don't really work, and this makes the tool largely unusable in spite of the wonderful integration with HubSpot.  Let's take the next step.  We love the tool!

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Is there any update on this issue? We have missed multiple chats...despite our floating sound notifcations turned on, our volume on our laptops turned all the way up, I've even enabled "" under the Sound and Notifications Content Settings in our Google Chrome browser. With no luck.


We like HS and would like this issue to be resolved asap. Thank you.

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We vote for this as well. Chats are like phone calls so the notifications and sounds need to stand apart from the other conversations.